13 February 2021

Firebird: 1 Peacock: 0

For Rainbow Snippets on Facebook.

Adrik has a regular peacock who doesn't like him or his firebird.  So far it's Adrik's Firebird/Peacock:1 and Regular Peacock: 0.  

"Oh, for... It's that damn peacock. Wait a minute, those are my tree frogs he's eating. First, he cusses at me and now he's eating my tree frogs? And that’s my mouse he's stalking." His napkin landed on the table. "I don't go over to his house and eat his frogs and mice."

The Firebird and the Wolf: Ostentation Series #2

05 February 2021

Don't Fry the Visitors

 Another Snippet for  Rainbow Snippets, a Facebook group.

“Adrik, no.” Vuk could see the bird’s intent before it happened. The way the bird puffed up, the intensity of the flames getting brighter. In a few quick seconds, Mikhail’s body was going to resemble Adrik’s tux. “You can’t go burning visiting dignitaries.”

“In his defense,” the man standing next to Vuk casually said, “Mikhail was insulting you, and your mating, and he pinched your mate’s ass.”

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The Office 3: You broke my window?

 For Rainbow Snippets And the saga continues.  Alasdair isn't worried about Wayne any more and is finding the whole thing entertaining. ...