16 April 2021

The Office 3: You broke my window?

 For Rainbow Snippets

And the saga continues.  Alasdair isn't worried about Wayne any more and is finding the whole thing entertaining.  He also figures his mate got himself into the situation and needs to get himself out.

11 April 2021

Dash and Wayne

 Bonus scene from the start of Confounded

“And you have a phone call on line number one from Wayne.”

“Damn it.”

“Have fun.” Jason headed for the door.

“And cancel my morning appointments.”

“Yes, sir.” The door shut.

Taking a sip, Dash picked up the phone. “Yeah.”

“Yeah? Dash, honey, just yeah? I’m shocked.”

“Wayne, what do you want?”

“Well, aren’t we rude? If you end up sleeping with your hand…”

Dash cut his lover off, “Wayne, I’ve got a hundred things to do, and George isn’t available to do the test on the bike, and I have to take over.”

“Fine. About dinner tonight…”

“That’s been canceled.”

“What? I have a brand new outfit for that dinner and I spent a lot of money on my hair.”

“Wayne, I didn’t invite you along.”

“You need at least someone to help you represent the pack. And it isn’t like they don’t know you are gay and we’re a couple.”

“It was canceled.”


“It can’t be helped.”

A loud sigh greeted him. “Okay. I’ll make sure you get the bill. Do you want me to cancel the arrangements we made?”

“For what?”

“For the limo.”

“What limo?”

“The limo for the party. I ordered it.”

“Wayne, for gods sakes, you weren’t invited. Why?”

“Because you’re the Alpha. We can’t just show up in that ratty old jeep of yours.”


“We need to uphold our image with the other pack and the Northwestern Pack.”

“Just cancel it.” Dash ground out.

“Fine.” Wayne slammed the phone down in his ear.

Dash hung the phone up. Wayne was getting way too pushy. He wasn’t the Alpha Mate, nor would he ever be. Maybe it was time to look elsewhere, before Wayne got more attached. So much for friends with benefits.

09 April 2021

The Office [part 2]

For Rainbow Snippets

The Office scene continued.  Alasdair is figuring out that Wayne, while very pretty, is not very bright.  In fact bright may be stretching it.

“Get him away from me!” Wayne jumped behind the couch.

“Shut up, Wayne.” Dash stepped between them again.

“He doesn’t belong here!” The screech hurt his ears.

Dash roared at the nitwit, “He damn well belongs here. He’s my Alpha Mate.”

“You love me!”

“Wayne. You give me a headache.”

Alasdair shifted back. He sat on the desk watching the fireworks.

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04 April 2021

Let me show you my office.... or not....

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 From Confounded by Harrison J. Phillips

Alasdair’s large family drove him crazy. Six loud boisterous alpha brothers made family life hell for a quiet alpha and as soon as he could, he moved out into his own home. Now the only thing missing was his mate.

His wonderful submissive beautiful little mate who was out there somewhere. He just knew it. And Fate answered him. Just not the way he had it planned out. Now he’s stuck reforming his biker bum alpha mate into something that will fit into his life.

Dash, short for Dashiell Williams Parkes III, was testing the new prototype motorcycle his company was going to produce when his mate, an alpha, slammed into him with a car. And then he proceeded to yell at him for breaking his ’63 Corvette!

After the first whiff of mate, there was no way he was letting this wolf get away even if he was a prig. He let his mate assume he was an out-of-work biker bum who fixed motorcycles to pick up cash while he worked on his mate’s attitude and plan to reform him into being a suitable Alpha Mate.

Excerpts from the chapter will be posted on Fridays.  At the end of the month the full scene from the chapter will be posted. Expect that on May 1st.

The Office 3: You broke my window?

 For Rainbow Snippets And the saga continues.  Alasdair isn't worried about Wayne any more and is finding the whole thing entertaining. ...