19 March 2021

Time Warp?

 For Rainbow Snippets. 

Far and his mate have made it to Pennsylvania.  Eryk's family has shown up to celebrate their mating while Far is shifted into his large White Peacock.  Eryk is already in trouble with his mother when he doesn't know what his own mate's tastes are due to the fact they were running from Far's father, King Screech.

From the book:

Far ruffled his feathers again then began to dance to the music. The peacock was showing off for them. Nope… not his mating dance. A jump to the left... pull your knees in tight... a stomp to the right… Did peacocks have knees? He wasn’t about to ask his mother. Wait a minute. Was that the time warp? Nah. Instead of the pelvic thrust, Far was shaking his tail feathers. Far did say his peacock did the Time Warp.

The Office 3: You broke my window?

 For Rainbow Snippets And the saga continues.  Alasdair isn't worried about Wayne any more and is finding the whole thing entertaining. ...