12 March 2021

Stoned Peacocks

For Rainbow Snippets.

Eryk and Far are headed for Scotland but there is one problem.  Far's peacock is terrified of water and terrified of the tunnel that goes under the channel so he's having a meltdown and driving Far crazy with his screeching.  Contacting some friends, Eryk gets some tranquilizers that actually work on shifters.  As they get ready to leave, Far tosses them all down with a beer chaser then in minutes is stoned.

Oh shit. “How many beers did you have?”

“I don’t know.”


Far slowly shook his head as if he was afraid it would fall off. He giggled. “No. I drank the whole thing. Cause there were two hidden back of the orange juice.” And giggled again.

“All six?”

Now he nodded. “Need to get through the tunnel without a hyper-cataclysmic bird meltdown. He’s stoned too. You ever see a stoned peacock?” Far giggled again.

Eryk was seeing one now it seemed. Well, reminding him that he wasn’t supposed to drink and take the pills was moot. “No, I haven’t had that pleasure. Okay focus. Who am I?”

The Peacock and the Jackal Cover with heart shaped lollypop beside it

The Office 3: You broke my window?

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