28 March 2021

There go the drapes

 Adrik tired of having his butt pinched by the bear has shifted into the Firebird.  And while Vuk has saved the bear [and the resulting paperwork], it doesn't look like he's going to save the drapes.

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With a cry, the Firebird rose, hovering above the awed crowd. Opening his mouth, he directed a huge stream of flames at the French doors, bouncing on the glass and catching the curtains alight. 

“Fuck, babe, you could’ve let me open the door first.” Vuk was running, grabbing the first thing that came to hand. The punch bowl was more than half full. This’d better be enough. Vuk threw the contents at the curtains. Fuck, I hope there was no booze in that. And he scored a direct hit. There was a sizzle, and the flames died out.

The Firebird and the Wolf

Book 2 in the Ostentation series

The Office 3: You broke my window?

 For Rainbow Snippets And the saga continues.  Alasdair isn't worried about Wayne any more and is finding the whole thing entertaining. ...